Association Members

Sommelier Partners, UAB
Fine wine & spirits; Julien Laviale
Odminių g. 9-4, LT-01122 Vilnius

Scan Sorlie Baltic, UAB
Furniture manufacture Eimantas Pavilonis
Pramones st. 3b, LT-35100 Panevezys

Wealth management, investments, savings, personal risk insurance
Julius Poliakas Deimante Meliniene
Saltoniskiu st. 2, LT-08126, Vilnius

Heating and drying products to households and the trade in the Norwegian market
Aurimas Lukoševičius
Ramygalos st. 190E, LT-36224, Panevezys

Viveo Health, UAB
Remote healthcare providers
Rasa Barisienė
Šermukšnių g. 6A, LT-01106 Vilnius

The oldest manufacturer of knitted garments in Norway Tor Jonsson
J.Janonio g. 66 LT-35289 Panevezys

UAB Constructer
Design, produces and builds prefabricated wooden-panel houses.
Aurelija Sergejeva
Verslo st. 15a, Liudynes v., LT-38130 Panevezio r.

UAB Superlon Baltic
The biggest flexible HR moulded foam manufacturer in Baltic States.
Eugenijus Barisevičius
Pramones g. 3, LT-35100, Panevezys

Panevezys Free Economic Zone (FEZ)
A new space for business in a city known for its industry and skilled workers in our country located at the crossroads of Western, Eastern and Northern Europe.
Rokas Krivonis
Verkiu st. 29, Vilnius

UAB Hjellegjerde Baltija
Furniture manufacture Martynas Jasinskas
Pramones st. 14, LT-35100 Panevezys


Engineering solutions
Marius Pastarnokas
Ukmerges st. 280, LT-06115 Vilnius

A full-service business law house.
Jurgita Vaiciulioniene
Managing Director Fondia Lithuania | Lithuania Finland Sweden Estonia
Didžioji 18, LT-01103 Vilnius, Lithuania
Manage the timber-frame panel houses' sales, production and assembly processes.
Domas Šipelis
Tuju st. 8, Vikonys, LT-29174 Anyksciu r.Lithuania

Amber Team UAB (Amber Staff)
HR solutions company
Toma Vevelstad
Vivulskio st 21, Vilnius