About Us

– About FIBAssociation 

FIBAssociation is a voluntary association for foreign investors doing business in Northern part of Lithuania (Aukstaitija).Our mission is to be a leading network for foreign companies that have interest to cooperate together and develop Northern Lithuania region.

Our objectives

FIBAssociation is a great medium for business units and public sector co-operation and improvement of the business climate in Panevezys and it‘s region.



– Social events;
– Business luches;
– Company visits;
– Online events
– Social media
– Joint events with foreign chambers of commerce.

Share information:

– Best practice;
– New laws, regulations;
– Contacts;
– Company news;
– Info EU fundings;
– Use FIBA network to ask «how to…» (if you have an issue tosolve)

Cooperate together:

– Training of employees;
– Common purchases;
– Participation in trade shows;
– Share specialists between members;
– Job advertisement services.

Our future:

– Increase reemigration;
– Ensure proper education;
– Ensure apprenticeships;
– Develop business climate;
– Secure new investments;
– Social responsibility;
– Enviromental responsibility.